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Mysterious Midwest is paranormal documentary series produced by Nick Evert and Paul Beaver. The series premiered in the Fall of 2009 on Halloween weekend. The program showcases first hand accounts and investigations of paranormal, bizarre, and or inexplicable events. Mysterious Midwest works with The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society on many of the episodes. The paranormal team provides evidence analysis for the documentary aspect of the show and for the reality aspect of the show, the team becomes the focus during their overnight investigations of supposed haunted locations. Mysterious Midwest offers genuine paranormal chronicles and evidence and leaves the conclusion open ended and to the discretion of the viewer.


As of 2015, the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society has restructured and acquired the ability to produce new episodes of Mysterious Midwest internally. Although the format, some team members and the production content has changed somewhat, Mysterious Midwest will still bring the same truthful and unbiased first hand account of actual haunted locations just as it did before.

Amherst City Cable  

Mysterious Midwest Seasons 1 & 2 are produced by Nick Evert and Paul Beaver at Amherst City Cable Studio's. Learn more about Amherst City Cable. Season 3 of Mysterious Midwest is produced by MFPS.

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Munroe Falls Paranormal Society  


The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society strives to provide an objective and unbiased approach to the scientific study, investigation, and research of paranormal phenomenon.. Learn more about Munroe Falls Paranormal Society.

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